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106.06.09(五) 學術倫理與智慧財產權(Academic Ethics and Intellectual Property Rights)


Could someone be an author without writing a research paper? Is a thesis ghostwriting legal? Have those questions occurred to you? They seem like simple questions, but the answers may not be simple. Intellectual property rights are more complicated than how most of the people think of it. Therefore, if you are interested in the exclusive rights given to the creator, welcome to join in the speech about academic ethics and intellectual property rights.

時間 / Time: 10669()下午15:00-17:00 / 15:00-17:00 pm on June 9, Friday, 2017

地點 / Venue: 國際大樓IB-202會議廳 / Room IB-202

講者 / Speaker: 東吳大學 法律學系 章忠信教授

Prof. Chung-Hsin Chang, Department of Law, Soochow University, Taiwan.

參加對象 / Participants: 全校教職員生/ Faculty, staff, teaching assistants and students.

活動議程 / Agenda:

時間 / Time

內容 / Content


報到 / Registration


活動與講者介紹 (引言人:教學資源中心 賴坤財主任)

Introduction (Chair: Kuen-Tsair Lay, Director of Teaching and Learning Center)


演講 / Speech


討論與交流 / Q&A, Floor discussion


賦歸 / Closure

提醒 / Notes:

  1. 活動將提供本校公務及約用人員2小時學習時數登錄,以及教學助理認證 / Two hours of learning certification for staff & teaching assistants will be offered for attending this speech.
  2. 本活動提供晚餐便當 / Dinner boxes will be offered for participants.