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106.08.28(一)以問題解決設計為中心之教學模式 Design Centered Learning (DCL)講座


Design Centered Learning (DCL)

Design Centered Learning (DCL) is a new and now well-proven revolutionary educational method, where the design of a solution for a problem is a central focus. It stimulates the student to develop special skills, on top of the developed knowledge. The students are working in small teams, where the skills brainstorming, project management, complex problem breakdown, team interactivity, creativity and person discovery, peer judgement and initiative are learned by doing. The project’s topic has depth, societal relevance and invites to a multi-disciplinary approach. Teams are larger in the first year, and decrease in the second and third year; the complexity increases every year. The time it costs must be taken from the oral courses, which it replaces. DCL has been developed in the Netherlands, with great success, and might be an excellent model to introduce in undergraduate teaching at NTUST.

/ Time: 10:45 am on August 28, Monday, 2017

地點 / Venue: Conference Room IB-302

講者 / Speaker: Prof. Bart ter Haar Romeny, PhD, Eindhoven University of Technology,  Netherlands.

參加對象 / Participants: Faculty, staff, teaching assistants and students.

活動議程 / Agenda:


時間 / Time

內容 / Content


報到 / Registration


活動與講者介紹 (引言人:教學資源中心 賴坤財主任)

Introduction (Chair: Kuen-Tsair Lay, Director of Teaching and Learning Center)


演講 / Speech


討論與交流 / Q&A


賦歸 / Closure


提醒 / Notes:

  1. 本場次為英文演講 / This speech will be delivered in ENGLISH.
  2. 活動將提供本校公務及約用人員1小時學習時數登錄,以及教學助理認證 / One hour of learning certification for staff & teaching assistants will be offered for attending this speech.
  3. 本活動提供中午便當 / Lunch boxes will be offered for participants.