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107.08.14(Tues)Seminar on the Practice of EMI Programs for Engineering Fields

Seminar on the Practice of EMI Programs for Engineering Fields

This seminar consists of two speeches. The first speech is to help new teachers realize difficulties which students may encounter while reading English textbooks. The second speech is to let new teachers have more understandings on International Advanced Technology Program of Taiwan-Tech.

時間 / Time: 107814()上午1000分至上午1200

10:00-12:00pm on August 14, Tuesday, 2018

地點 / Venue: 國際大樓IB-202會議廳 / Room IB-202

講者 / Speaker: 台大法醫所 陳珮珊 副教授 Prof. Pai-Shan, Chen

                             台師大化學系 劉沂欣 助理教授 Prof. Yi-Hsin Liu

                      台科大機械系 陳品銓 副教授 Prof. Pin-Chuan Chen

參加對象 / Participants: 三校教職員工生 faculty, students, and staff.

活動議程 / Agenda:

814 / August 14 / Tuesday

時間 / Time

內容 / Content


報到 / Registration


活動與講者介紹 (引言人:台大法醫所 陳珮珊 副教授)

Introduction (Chair: Prof. Pai-Shan, Chen, College of Medicine, NTU)


演講一/ Speech I (講者:台師大化學系 劉沂欣 助理教授)


“Challenges in reading English text books for students majoring in science and technology”

(Prof. Yi-Hsin Liu, Department of Chemistry, NTNU)


演講二 / Speech II (講者:台科大機械系 陳品銓 副教授)


“Introduction to International Advanced Technology Program and Foreign Students in the College of Engineering.”

(Prof. Pin-Chuan Chen, Department of Mechanical Engineering, NTUST)


討論與交流 / Q&A, Floor discussion


賦歸 / Closure

提醒 / Notes:

  1. 本活動可提供研習證明,若有需要請與承辦人聯繫/ Learning certification will be offered at request.
  2. 本活動會後提供餐盒 / Dinner will be offered after the lecture for the participants.