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107.06.13 (Wed) EMI and PBL in the 21st Century Classroom in Higher Education: Implications and Strategies

EMI and PBL in the 21st Century Classroom in Higher Education: Implications and Strategies

Over the last 50 years, the field of ELT has witnessed a significant transformation in every aspect of teaching and learning. Today the ELT field is diverse, complicated, multifaceted and ‘glocal’.  As a result of the “glocalization” of higher education and with the English language becoming a global lingua franca (ELF), English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) has become a fast-growing trend in the world.  Along with EMI, another innovative approach, Project-Based-Learning has also been developed and successfully implemented in many higher education institutions. The increasing interest in EMI and PBL research and curriculum development has influenced the reforms in educational planning, language policy and instructional approaches in many countries and regions (including Taiwan). 

In this professional development workshop, the speaker will focus on recent major transformations in the global ELT field and how such transformations have influenced the development of EMI in higher education in Asia.  She will address the following questions: What are the 21st century learning skills? How can we implement them in an EMI classroom? What are the major driving forces that have changed the way we teach and learn in higher education? How can educators teach effectively in the 21st century context? How can project-based learning be effectively implemented in an EMI classroom? The speaker will also share successful EMI and PBL examples from other universities, discuss practical strategies that participants can use, and potential pitfalls they need to be aware in their own EMI course design in order to prepare students for the competitive and glocalized 21st Century society and beyond. Participants will also have opportunities to work in groups to apply this information towards their own EMI course design.

時間 / Time: 107613()下午230分至下午530

14:30-17:30pm on June 13, Wednesday, 2018

地點 / Venue: 國際大樓IB-202會議廳 / Room IB-202

講者 / Speaker美國西雅圖學院 Yilin Sun教授 / Dr. Yilin Sun, Seattle Colleges, USA

參加對象 / Participants: faculty, students, and staff